Cadillac Pop Warner 2015

Hello. My name is Matt Logan and I have taken over as president of the Cadillac area pop warner youth football program. The program has been in existence for 15 years now and we have developed into an excellent program. I do not anticipate many changes with me taking over.

One thing I would like to do is begin our registration process a little sooner and that is why I am sending out this letter earlier this year. I anticipate being able to start registrations by the end of May. This will greatly assist us in setting up our teams and coaching staffs by knowing our player counts much sooner in the summer.

Last season we were able to field 4 pee wee and 1 midget team. Our hope is to again have 5 teams but the numbers vary greatly from year to year so we will see as the summer comes how our rosters shape up. There will be some coaching changes this year at all levels but we have very good, experienced coaches both returning and coming into the system new.

As usual our number one goal is for the kids to learn the fundamentals of football and have fun doing it. We have had a high amount of success over the past several seasons due to the fact that our coaches are very good at teaching the fundamentals and getting the players having a good time while learning football. The kids and parents buy into the system and this makes it very easy to coach them and leads to success on and off the field.

Another thing that will change this year is the volunteer schedule. The past couple seasons we have had a very difficult time filling the slots required to work gates and concessions and other activities at our home dates. This is very big for us as we lose out on a lot of gate fees and concession sales when we are understaffed. We are a non profit and it is very expensive to keep up with all the equipment needs of our players so every dollar counts. As a result this season each players family will be required to donate 1 hour at each home event. 1 hour from 1 person. It can be a parent, grandparent, or an older responsible sibling. We will have the forms to fill out at registration and we greatly appreciate all the help on this.

There are a couple of other staffing changes. Jessica Montague has taken over as the vice president/secretary and Kelli Schutte is going to handle the treasurer/fundraising duties. They and I will work together on the registration process. Our contacts are,, or and Feel free to contact us with any issues, questions or concerns. Also feel free to visit the website at and the facebook page at cfl Vikings. Please allow a little time for updating of the page and website.

Matt Logan

Thanks and we look forward to a great 2015 season.


2015 Advertising

The 2015 Advertizing form is now available online at this link. Click Here to download the form, if any assistance or help is needed please contact us directly.

A word on the schedule... Often times parents don't see the sense in some of the travel and match ups (for example: Cadillac and Pine River traveling to Kingsely in week 1). Please keep in mind several factors as you work thru the 2011 schedule: In the South Region this year, there are 49 teams in two age groups and broken into 5 divisions, teams from the same city do not play each other generally, scheduling this much activity is very challenging. Nearly every team uses their local high school field, which has limited availability. Each Saturday, there are 5 "home fields" -- this allows each organization to host an entire day of football games -- "home game" dates are generally the #1 source of funding for each city PW program. Scheduling is done at the YMCA in Traverse City (the "central office" for Northern Michigan PW) -- Cadillac does not control the scheduling outside of providing two proposed home field dates. So, while it may seem strange at times, there are reasons behind the "madness".

Scholarships... The 2011 CFL PWFL Scholarships have been awarded. Austin Fuller(football) and Morgan Nelson (Cheer) are this years scholarship recipients. CFL started awarding annual scholarships to graduating Cadillac HS Seniors with a 3.0 GPA or better in 2009. Four scholarships have now been awarded in two years. 2011 Graduating seniors who participated in CFL PW who are interested in these scholarships should check with the councelors office by mid-February to get information and make application.


Pictures ... Hundreds of photos from past seasons are available. Just go to the Photo Gallery and choose a season or team!.


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